Why You Should Be On Facebook

Social media. Just don’t get what all the fuss is about? What’s the value in hearing the play-by-play of everyone’s day? “Waiting for my oil change…” or “Today I feel magenta” (whatever that means). While there may be some crazy stuff posted out there, don’t rule out these powerful platforms. As a business or organization, a Facebook Page can be a great asset. There are a billion reasons why…

Guess how many active users Facebook has each month? (I just gave you a big hint.) Did you say one billion? Yes, that’s correct. Over one BILLION! People are actively engaging online, sharing their thoughts, cares, fears, and, yes, sometimes even their silliness. People share their stories through social media. As one who serves others, this is a great place to show up and be present. Do you want to know how social media can work for you? Join the online community and become known as someone who cares, who gives, who helps. Someone who listens.

How to Use Social Media

Maybe I can express this better as a negative: Don’t use social media for self-promotion. That means don’t make this all about you. It’s good to post links to your products, sales, events, or blog posts you’ve written, but these promotional posts should be in the minority. So what should you post?

Here are a few quick tips:

  • Share your stories. Show your humanity! You’re not just a “business.” You are people. (And people always have stories!)
  • Use photos and videos that engage people and promote conversation.
  • Share your expertise with tips and other resources.
  • Post quotes to encourage and inspire others (either from your own material or another source).
  • Ask thoughtful questions. This is a simple thing, but you’ll be surprised at the dialogue it initiates. Be sure to stay engaged with your community and respond as the conversation grows.

If you don’t have a Facebook page (or there may be other platforms that work better for you) or if you have neglected the page you do have, I encourage you to “login” and engage.  Powerful connections are waiting.