Starting Smart

If you are starting small then you’re starting smart! 

It’s easy to cast the net too widely, but you can’t effectively market to everyone all at once. The best way to start a blaze is to start small and nurture the flame until it “catches.” If you’ve ever built a fire with wood, you know what I mean.

Start small.

  • Identify who needs your product or service MOST.
  • Where have you seen the greatest response in the past? Consider why.
  • Are there “fields” where you’ve been planting seeds that never grow? Leave them for now. You can always come back to these fields later, once you build momentum. 

Instead of diffusing your efforts, tighten your focus on a smaller, more engaged or profitable niche and add value there. Don’t go wider just yet. Go deeper within a smaller targeted audience. The feedback you receive there is a gem. Use it to improve and expand over time.