"You can't sell anything if you can't tell anything." - Beth Comstock

What if you had an employee who answered the phone and consistently gave your customers/clients the wrong address or confusing directions to your location? You would lose valuable sales, frustrate your customers, and earn distrust.

What would you do about that employee? You might terminate them, but at the very least, you would set clear expectations and provide them with some training.

If your current website isn’t converting visitors (to sales, to inquiries/leads, or loyal followers) then it is like that employee, sending interested parties in the wrong direction.

At Oxblaze Media & Marketing, we don’t just make websites. We make websites that WORK for you. Not a website that sits around all day doing nothing, or leading people in the wrong direction. We make websites that carry their weight as a valuable part of your “team.” Don't let your website be a slacker!

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Client Testimonials

Heather has been working on our website at Camp Pearl for a few years, and since I have been working here full time; she has been nothing short of wonderful to me and our staff! She has taught me the ins and outs of the site, she posts updates, she's friendly, and she's available anytime we call. We sure are thankful for her here at Camp Pearl!"
~ Sam Buzzard, Camp Pearl

Heather Duff is a professional communication specialist that provides services in a timely and thorough manner. She is inquisitive to gather pertinent information that meets the requests of her customer and is consistent with follow-up to guarantee excellence. I'm very pleased with her services and have recommended her to my business colleagues.
~ Brenda Hill, The Voice of Southwest LA

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