How to reset email password

Before you begin, close out any mail applications on your computer or other devices connected to the network. Otherwise, an IP block may result if mail apps are trying to access email with an outdated password. 

1. Use your new temporary password to log into webmail with your browser. You can use the "Staff Login" link at the bottom of your company's website to access Webmail. (see below)

Screenshot for Staff Login
Screenshot Webmail login

2. Once you are logged into Webmail, select "Webmail Home" from the left sidebar.

screenshot webmail interface

3. From Webmail Home page, select Password and Security.

Screenshot passwords and security

4. Choose a new password and enter it in the reset box. Confirm New Password and Save.

screenshot reset password

5. Keep your password secure. It's a good practice to reset your password regularly using these instructions. 

6. Once you've reset your password with Webmail, open Mail application on your computer and update your email password. Do this also for any other devices (phone / tablet) you use to access your work email. Otherwise, and IP block may result.