Reasons You Should Have a Business Blog, Part 2

As promised, here is the fifth reason you should implement a blog for your business. (You can read the previous 4 reasons here…)

5. Be the answer

As consumers, we are addicted to “search” and that addiction continues to grow. Chances are you’ve been in a conversation where a question came up and someone in the group instinctively grabbed their smartphone and provided a fairly instant answer. We are used to having information at our fingertips. So what does this mean to you, the small business owner? [Read more…]

Reasons You Should Have a Business Blog

Blogging isn’t just for gossip columns and conspiracy theorists. It’s for people who want to connect with an audience, share a message, and foster loyal relationships. Sounds like good marketing, doesn’t it? Chances are, a blog can benefit your business or organization. In this article, I share a few benefits of a business blog. [Read more…]

Why You Should Be On Facebook

Social media. Just don’t get what all the fuss is about? What’s the value in hearing the play-by-play of everyone’s day? “Waiting for my oil change…” or “Today I feel magenta” (whatever that means). While there may be some crazy stuff posted out there, don’t rule out these powerful platforms. As a business or organization, a Facebook Page can be a great asset. There are a billion reasons why… [Read more…]

Write Better Content For Your Website

You may have a small website budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do phenomenal things. Things like:

  • Create community with your readers
  • Influence people around the globe with your message
  • Establish and promote your brand
  • Market your work to a thriving audience

You may need to change the way you think about your website. [Read more…]