“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.” - Jim Rohn

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Tapping into Creativity

By Heather | July 1, 2017

I’ve never thought of myself as an artist. Artists have innate abilities that leave the rest of us looking on in wonder. Wonder how they did that? Wonder where they find the time? Wonder if I should have paid more attention in kindergarten when they were passing out the paintbrushes? I was mesmerized by those […]

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Reasons You Should Have a Business Blog, Part 2

By Heather | May 28, 2017

As promised, here is the fifth reason you should implement a blog for your business. (You can read the previous 4 reasons here…) 5. Be the answer As consumers, we are addicted to “search” and that addiction continues to grow. Chances are you’ve been in a conversation where a question came up and someone in […]

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Reasons You Should Have a Business Blog

By Heather | April 9, 2017

Blogging isn’t just for gossip columns and conspiracy theorists. It’s for people who want to connect with an audience, share a message, and foster loyal relationships. Sounds like good marketing, doesn’t it? Chances are, a blog can benefit your business or organization. In this article, I share a few benefits of a business blog.

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Why You Should Be On Facebook

By Heather | February 14, 2017

Social media. Just don’t get what all the fuss is about? What’s the value in hearing the play-by-play of everyone’s day? “Waiting for my oil change…” or “Today I feel magenta” (whatever that means). While there may be some crazy stuff posted out there, don’t rule out these powerful platforms. As a business or organization, […]

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Write Better Content For Your Website

By Heather | January 14, 2017

You may have a small website budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do phenomenal things. Things like: Create community with your readers Influence people around the globe with your message Establish and promote your brand Market your work to a thriving audience You may need to change the way you think about your website.

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