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"Heather Duff [of Oxblaze Media] is an absolute dream to work with. She did more than simply redesign my web site (a beautiful redesign, I might add). She introduced me to essential tools for use with WordPress so that I can maintain and even redesign my site at will, something I like to do when the mood strikes. I highly recommend her services." - Robin Lee Hatcher, novelist

"It was a pleasure to work with Heather Duff at Oxblaze Media in setting up my website. She fully embraced my project as her own, giving her total interest in every detail of design and content coordination. She answered every question and provided me with technical support for very step of the process. I am so pleased with her awesome work. I fully recommend Heather, her work, creative talent and her dependability for any media project." –Elaine L. O'Neill, writer/speaker

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Reasons You Should Have a Business Blog, Part 2

As promised, here is the fifth reason you should implement a blog for your business. (You can read the previous 4 reasons here...) 5. Be the answer As consumers, we are addicted to "search" and that addiction continues to grow. Chances are you've been in a conversation … [Read More...]